CD - Wild West (compilation)

CD - Wild West (compilation)

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"The Wild West Most Wanted"


19-track antifolk compilation CD released in 2004 on Smoking Gun Records, featuring tracks from Jeffrey Lewis, Jack Lewis, Major Matt Mason USA, Dufus, Prewar Yardsale, Turner Cody, Toby Goodshank, Concept of India (Stipplicon), Thomas Truax, Grandmaster Gareth (Misty's Big Adventure) and more! 

1. Midday Cowboy (A Minute And A Half Melody) - Grandmaster Gareth
 2. Keepsake - The Class Act (Turner Cody & Tommy Eisner)
 3. Lonesome Lullaby - Jeffrey Lewis & Rachel Lipson
 4. That's My Demographic - Do Me Bad Things
  5. Desert - Jack "Lesser" Lewis
  6. Johnny Guitar - Oil Rig Catering
  7. Star Belly - Major Matt Mason USA
  8. Outlaw - Prewar Yardsale
  9. Cowboy Without A Horse - Wes West
  10. Clip-Clop-Hip-Hop - (a tiny interlude) Jack Lewis, Jeffrey Lewis, Anders Griffen, Rachel Lipson, Wes West and Anna Hall.
  11. Martian Plaza Shopping Mall - Dufus
  12. Cocaine Cowboys - Toby Goodshank
  13. Little Doggies - Cork And Greg
  14. Concept Of India - Jack Dishel & Brent Cole (Only Son/Stipplicon)
  15. Fall, Dakota Harvest - Lionshare
  16. Saddle Sore - Mr Winchester's Cat
  17. Chicken Coop Cooper - Thomas Truax
  18. Setting Sun - Turner Cody
  19. (Please Don't Leave Me On My) Rodeo - Intricacy


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