LP - The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane (+ mp3 bonus trax)

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Quoted from the Don Giovanni Records site:

"We are really excited to announce that we are [...] doing the first vinyl pressing of Jeffrey Lewis' debut album "The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane."  This record, originally released on Rough Trade, was an instant classic when it came out with the New York Daily News naming it the Best Indie Album of 2002 and Uncut magazine calling it 'bizarre but brilliant.'  Since then he has played hundreds of shows and earned high praise from everyone from Will Oldham and Jens Lekman to Jarvis Cocker and Ben Gibbard.  Jeff and I have been talking about doing this for almost seven years and finally just in time for its 10th anniversary will be doing the first vinyl issue."
"In addition to being on vinyl for the first time the record will come with a download card which in addition to the album includes four live never-before-released bonus tracks from 2001."

The re-issued lo-fi classic first Jeffrey Lewis album, featuring Jack Lewis on a couple of tracks, originally released by Rough Trade Records Sept 3, 2001.  Now reissued on LP for the first time, with full lyrics included, and an insert with other info as well. 

To buy this album as an immediate download (without the bonus tracks), instead of ordering a physical LP (or CD), you can go to JeffreyLewis.Bandcamp.com


1) The East River - VIDEO

2) Another Girl (written/sung mostly by Jack Lewis)

3) Seattle 

4) The Chelsea Hotel Oral Sex Song 

5) Amanda is a Scalape (written/sung by Jeffrey along with Lina & The Scalapes)

6) Heavy Heart -  VIDEO

7) The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane - VIDEO

8) The Man With the Golden Arm (written/sung mostly by Jack Lewis)

9) Springtime 

10) Life 

BONUS TRACKS included with the MP3 download code inside the LP:
4 previously-unreleased live tracks from 2001, including the non-album 'Complete History of Jeff's Sexual Conquests, Vol. 1' and a 17-minute version of 'The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane.'

1) Springtime (3:59)*
2) AU Base (Prewar Yardsale cover) (2:54)*
3) Complete History of Jeff's Sexual Conquests, Vol. 1 (8:43)
4) The Last Time I Did Acid I Went Insane (17:06)

 (*with Rachel Lipson on some clarinet, percussion and backing vocal)

All taken from an audience tape-recording, 11-29-2001, at the Enterprise, London.  
Extra-special THANK YOU to Graham Liddiard of East Sussex for supplying the cassette live-bootleg that contained these recordings!
Bonus tracks mastered by Major Matt Mason at Olive Juice Kansas.