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4-song 7-inch vinyl single, 33rpm (not 45), with 4-page full-color wrap-around comic book. 

LIMITED TO 75 COPIES ONLY (autographed and numbered 01-75)! 

Side Y =

1) No LSD Tonight

2) Alphabet

Side Z =

1) Don't Let the Record Label Take You Out to Lunch

2) Shoot the Head = Kill the Ghoul 

This 4-song 7-inch vinyl single was manufactured by Rough Trade Records in 2003 (with no sleeve art, only a blank white sleeve) to promote the USA release of the 2003 album “It’s the Ones Who’ve Cracked That the Light Shines Through.” 

A stash of about 200 of these promotional singles was found un-distributed at the Rough Trade America office (were ANY of them ever distributed?) around 2004.  It's possible there were only 200 made in total. Rather than toss them in the garbage they were given to Jeffrey; a 4-page black and white comic book was drawn to create a fold-around cover and the re-packaged single was sold by Jeffrey at some gigs at that time. 

BUT 15 years later, in 2020, a pile of 75 of these vinyls was dug up from the back of a closet! And now the rare 2004 comic book story cover-art has been re-assembled, NOW IN FULL COLOR FOR THE FIRST TIME, plus a couple other short FULL COLOR comic strips from 2008 that have never been published before. 

NOTE:  All of these recordings are available on the album It's the Ones Who've Cracked That the Light Shines Through... And the sound quality is better on the full-length album, because 4 songs is too much for one little piece of vinyl! If you just want to hear the songs, you'd be better off hearing the full album, on CD or LP or stream/download. This 4-song vinyl single is really just of value because it's rare and cool and weird, it will never be made again, and the color comic book material is really the best part of this item! 

ALSO NOTE: There is no plastic sleeve or shrink-wrap on this item; there's just too much plastic in the world.


Guitar and comics by Jeffrey Lewis

Bass by Jack Lewis

Drums by Anders Griffen



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