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This is ONLY available to buy digitally, at the Jeffrey Lewis Bandcamp page(Although it says "sold out" above, that only means there's no physical copies; it is still available digitally, at the Jeffrey Lewis Bandcamp page.) 

For whoever might be interested, this is my 2019 tape. Not making physical copies though. Available only as a digital download. Thanks for your support. 

When I started making up songs in the late 90s I would usually make a tape full of songs at least once a year, and then I'd try to sell copies of the tapes at open mic nights and any place I could play. After a few of these annual cassette-albums I started having the opportunity to release stuff on CD, and the opportunity to release stuff through record labels, but I never stopped making up songs and recording them any way possible. It was all from following the example of how Daniel Johnston had done it. All my 20+ years of recording songs I owe to Daniel! RIP!

released September 29, 2020


1) Got Off On The Wrong Foot

2) People Were Morons

3) Inger

4) Dating App

5)  When Meals Have Just Begun

6) The Only Place He Lives

7) I Don't Sleep Real Sleep

8) I Wanna Do Something Illegal With Amy Rose Spiegel


9)  Psycho Heart

10) I'd Do Anything to Be Yor Man, Rebecca

11) We Failed (...to Break Up!)

12) Please Regret It

13) This is Not a Parking Lot

All songs and instruments by Jeffrey Lewis.
Thanks to DCB for #8.
Mastered by Brian Speaker.

all rights reserved


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