2022 Tapes! Slices of Water (and Song Junk)  DOWNLOAD THIS ON BANDCAMP!

2022 Tapes! Slices of Water (and Song Junk) DOWNLOAD THIS ON BANDCAMP!

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This is ONLY available to buy digitally, at the Jeffrey Lewis Bandcamp page. (Although it says "sold out" above, that only means there's no physical copies; it is still available digitally, at the Jeffrey Lewis Bandcamp page.) 

For whoever might be interested, this is my 2022 tape. Not making physical copies though. Available only as a digital download. Thanks for your support. 

When I started making up songs in the late 90s I would usually make a tape full of songs at least once a year, and then I'd try to sell copies of the tapes at open mic nights and any place I could play. After a few of these annual cassette-albums I started having the opportunity to release stuff on CD, and the opportunity to release stuff through record labels, but I never stopped making up songs and recording them any way possible. It was all from following the example of how Daniel Johnston had done it. All my 20+ years of recording songs I owe to Daniel! RIP!

released March 3, 2023



1.Ice Age 02:11
2.Keep it Cruel 02:47
3.Keep On Loving 03:37
4. Be Proud (A Jewish Holiday Song) 03:06
5.What in the Hell is the Motherfucking Point of Anything Ever 02:38
6.Get Them Before They Get You 02:36
7.Mom is Old 02:57
8.Too Lonely to Hang Out 02:15


9.Stood Up By Cupid 03:25
10.Mr. Insister 01:28
11.Rooted to the Spot 03:03
12.At the Miserable End 02:23
13.What is Your Who (unfinished) 01:48
14.Who's That Man 01:26
15.Our System Sucks (unfinished) 00:38
16.I've Got Good Things 04:33

All songs by Jeffrey Lewis.
Violin on #3 by Mallory Feuer.
Mastered by Brian Speaker.

all rights reserved


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