CD- 'Em Are I

CD- 'Em Are I

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11 song album, released on Rough Trade/Beggars in 2009.  Produced by Jeffrey, with engineer Mark Ospovat.  All songs are Jeffrey's except "The Upside-Down Cross" which is Jack's.  Credited to full band "Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard" this album also features some cameo musical guest appearances from Herman Dune, J Mascis, and more.

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1) Slogans

2) Roll Bus Roll

3) If Life Exists (?)

4) Broken Broken Broken Heart

5) Whistle Past the Graveyard

6) To Be Objectified - VIDEO

7)The Upside-Down Cross (written by Jack)

8) Bugs & Flowers

9) Good Old Pig, Gone to Avalon

10) It's Not Impossible

11) Mini-Theme: Moocher From The Future




"...A brilliant modern singer-songwriter record, full of wit and musical variations." - (4 stars of 5) Mojo

"On this one, there are wonky backup vocals, trashy-sounding drums, disgustingly distorted guitar solos, vaguely off-key horns. You get the sense that Lewis, also a talented comic-book maker, does whatever the hell he wants, and it totally works." - Now Magazine

"All of these are very good tunes, but it's the heartfelt content at the album's thematic core that makes 'Em Are I not just Lewis' most consistent album, but also his most truly affecting and easily his most successful outing to date." - All Music Guide

"The uptempo tracks are invigorating with their harder guitars and drums, and Lewis' humor abounds, but his slower, softer, acoustic songs are the standouts" - Billboard

"Like any great storyteller, Lewis is intent on focusing on the bigger picture, on giving both sides of the story... If perhaps before Lewis’s music had a tendency to be swamped by small-print, here the songs know when to step back, to give way to a catchy chorus or a hummable riff... 8 stars" - Drowned in Sound

"Bands as magical and genuinely original as this are as essential as oxygen." - Culture Delux

''Em Are I is is a record that works on every level... simply a little gem of an album that continues to offer new delights upon repeated listens." - E Entertainment

"His comic-book sensibilities burst from the record with Technicolour verve" - (7 stars of 10) NME

"...2009 should continue to see young Mr Lewis sweeping up old and new hearts alike across the world's underground." - (4 stars of 5) Bearded Magazine

'''Em Are I is probably one of the best records so far of Lewis's lengthy career. It marks real progression, even after over ten years of releases. That it is a successful balancing of the tragic and the triumphant is testament to his skill both as a wordsmith and a musician." -Click Music

"One of America's funniest, most sincere songwriters" - (4 stars of 5) The Guardian

"A gem from a songwriter hitting his stride. ...Easily his best work yet" - (4 stars of 5) Guitarist Magazine

"This is one of the albums of the year from one of the best lyricists in the world today." - Geek Pie

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