CD - Jack Lewis & The Cutoffs "L'vov Goes to Emandee..."

CD - Jack Lewis & The Cutoffs "L'vov Goes to Emandee..."

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Jack Lewis & The Cutoffs is the band of bassist Jack (often found playing bass with Jeffrey Lewis & The Junkyard but also often writing/playing with his own band in Portland, OR...).  This album was released by the UK label Smoking Gun.   

"L'vov Goes to Emandee 

w/ My Unicef Box"




01. Shadow Party

02. Is This Enough?

03. Where's the Youth?

04. Kids On Tour

05. Graffiti Artist Bombs

06. The Day Neil Young Died

07. November (I'm Waiting For You)

08. The Deer in the Woods

09. Nothing Like the O.E.D.

10. The One the Drummer Never Liked (The Epic)

11. The Unicef Box


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