CD - Professor Louie (self titled 1st album, 1985)

CD - Professor Louie (self titled 1st album, 1985)

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The 1985 recording debut of Jeffrey Lewis' incredible uncle Victor Lewis, AKA Professor Louie - a huge influence on Jeff's writing.  Call him underground hip hop, call him spoken word, call him the greatest Jewish-Socialist-Brooklynite-rapper over the age of 60... or be like Pete Seeger and just call him "genius!"

Tracks on "Professor Louie" (1985) 

(available on CD $9 or cassette $10)

1. Statue of Liberty 

2. The Cockroach 

3. Food 

4. Wake Up 

5. Western Movie 

6. Ms. Mary Mack 

7. Another Night 

8. Ms. Lucy 

9. The Speech of the Broken Wine Bottle


Professor Louie is a spoken-word performer/political rapper/social activist who's been putting out underground albums in New York since 1985.  Along with percussionist Fast Eddie, Professor Louie has been entertaining and enlightening audiences for decades.  Called a genius by Pete Seeger on many occasions, the phenomenon known as Professor Louie grew out of the 1960's radical theater group The Pageant Players and evolved via guerrilla solo performances in the streets and parks of New York City in the early 80's.  Eschewing the music industry entirely, Professor Louie releases albums on the completely independent FREE BROOKLYN NOW imprint.  For additional information or bookings contact FREE BROOKLYN NOW, 399 14th Street, Brooklyn, New York, 11215. (718) 768-8728.

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