CD - Number 2 Girl (single/limited/weird thing)

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"No. 2 Girl" by Jeffrey Lewis


This is a weird ONE-song experimental-format CD-LP release, created by PIAPTK (People in a Position to Know) Records, originally released in 2015 (or something like that). WHAT is so weird or experimental, you ask? Well, this is a one-song CD that is playable in CD players... but the song is also carved in to the surface of the CD via a vinyl lathe-cut process, so that you can ALSO play this disc on your turntable as if it was a vinyl LP release! It comes with a small plastic washer piece that you insert into the center hole of the CD, to allow it to fit onto the spindle of a turntable. Does it work?!?  Well, on my turntable, no. The needle on my turntable arm can't seem to reach far enough in towards the CD, the grooves of which are closer to the center-spindle of the turntable than the grooves of a normal vinyl LP would be. But the CD works just fine in my CD player. And the whole thing is just a weird cool one-off experimental project that is unlikely to ever be reprinted.  Rare, unrepeatable, and pointless. Like life itself. 



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