The Complete FUFF (all 13 issues!)

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Back in Print: The Complete Fuff Collection!

This is a specially-priced Fuff Comix THIRTEEN Pack

(includes issues #0,#1,#2,#3,#4,#5,#6,#7,#8,#9, #10, #11, and #12!)

Now that the Fuff series has ended... this is ALL 13 of the issues, inside one poly-sleeve, with a beautiful, exclusive full-color wrap-around dust-jacket!  The new cover is personally signed and numbered by Jeffrey Lewis on the front!* The normal cost of buying all this stuff separately would be $51.50, so it's a $16.50 discount to buy it all together now for just $35... and this way you can use your $16.50 savings towards the shipping cost, if you think of it like this. 

COMPLETE FUFF thirteen-pack special collection deal: Order all thirteen issues of Fuff, including the new issue #12 (the final issue, January 2020) and the giant-size issue #0, and pay only $35!  That's a $16.50 discount overall, for something like 400 pages, written and drawn by Jeffrey Lewis, featuring European travels, Stories My Dad Tells, time travels, sitar-playing clams and more!  

This COMPLETE FUFF COMIX COLLECTION comes in a new wrap-around dust-jacket cover, featuring a new 3-page full-color comix story (starting on the dust-jacket back cover, and continuing through the interior).

AND this collection is personally signed and numbered by Jeffrey, on the wrap-around cover sleeve.

*NOTE: The first edition of 400 is sold out; the printing we're currently selling says "second edition" and is autographed and individually hand-numbered 001-500.

(Again, just to be sure you understand, this is not a "trade paperback"... This is one copy each of all 13 issues of the complete Fuff series, packed together into one bag, inside a new wrap-around paper-sleeve cover!)


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