Trip to Key West 1999 (41pp)

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"Trip to Key West (and Back) 1999" (comic book)

BACK IN PRINT!  This 41-page comic book travel diary, originally written/drawn by Jeffrey Lewis in spring of 1999, has not been available in print since about 2002.... but now it's back!

Color cover, b & w interior, standard comic book format, 41 pages. $5 cover price. 

On April 12, 1999, for no particularly logical reason, Jeffrey got on a midnight Greyhound bus from NYC to Key West, Florida, just to see what would happen... And there was absolutely no predicting all the craziness that would unfold! With just a pen and a sketchbook, and staying awake all night drawing on the streets of Key West, this scribbly little comic book travel diary emerged as a document of a very strange slice of Americana. 

The drawing and lettering are quite a bit more quick and messy than the usual style of Jeffrey's comic books, because this was all drawn with no planning, on the fly... See the page sample for a glance at the style of this story.

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