SOLD OUT - Bonnie's Travel Zine #1 ("Summer 2009")

SOLD OUT - Bonnie's Travel Zine #1 ("Summer 2009")

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Intrepid world-traveler and political activist Bonnie Johnson publishes wonderful autobiographical travel zines chronicling her experiences in various locales, featuring cover art (and occasional spot illos) by Jeffrey Lewis.  This issue covers experiences at the Mexican/American border, as well as central Mexico, Chiapas, Oaxaca, and the Caribbean.  40 pages.

The back cover blurb:

"Join the narrator as she befriends migrants, drag queens, bullfighters, Situationists, surfers, Zapatistas, dancehall stars and Vodou priests and eats her way through Mexico and the Caribbean.  Illustrated by Jeffrey Lewis, Shaye La McKinney, AMber Lamprecht, Carey Lamprecht, Anna Letitia Mumford and anonymous sign-painters, stencilers and graffiti artists.  Published Summer 2010."


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