Sonnet Youth: Goo

Sonnet Youth: Goo

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This mini-zine features a re-imagining of Sonic Youth's 1990 major label debut, Goo!  All eleven songs have been rewritten by Jeffrey as eleven sonnets in the Shakespearian mode!  Each line is in iambic pentameter (the rhythm of "To BE or NOT to BE, that IS the QUEStion...") and each poem is structured into the sonnet structure of three quatrains and a closing couplet.  Naturally there's also accompanying illustrations by Jeffrey.  

Now you may ask, what exactly is the entertainment value in a little 3-inch stapled booklet of sonnets based on some old Sonic Youth songs?  We're not sure.  A dollar or two perhaps?



1) Dirty Boots

2) Tunic (Song For Karen)

3) Mary-Christ

4) Kool Thing

5) Mote

6) My Friend Goo

7) Disappearer

8) Mildred Pierce

9) Cinderella's Big Score

10) Scooter & Jinx

11) Titanium Expose'



And "Sonnet Youth: Confusion Is Sex/Kill Yr Idols" is still available... and now so is "Daydream Nation"!  Are there more to come?  Eeh, maybe not.

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